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30 Sept 2005

There has not been much positive news to report so I have kept this space silent but today I have was emailed such nice news I decided to post it here. Byran Sargent or Sarge as he is known to me, the Drill For Absentee drummer, had previously joined a band called Luck be a Lady (LBAL). They reside in the lovely city of New York and are playing some shows in the near future in the NY area with Ex-Gilroys frontman Sean Hoots. Anyway, the big news is that three of LBAL's songs PLUS one unreleased song from Drill For Absentee will be featured in an upcoming film short called "This Is Alice" by saltwater productions. This very exciting news as the movie is currently being entered into Sundance along with a handful of other film festivals. I will post more about this film and the website of the production company as I receive more details. For now, please do check out Luck be a Lady. They play some excellent rock n roll inspired by quality bands such as My Morning Jacket, Wilco, The Zombies, Beach Boys, etc. They can be found at

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