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drill for absentee The Gilroys



and presenting the forgotten foursome... RIGID

I hate comparisons when it comes to music and bands but I feel it may help some of those who might just be discovering these 4 bands. So here it goes, CMJ style:

DRILL FOR ABSENTEE - For Fans of: Slint, June of 44, Moss Icon, Native Nod, Karate, Rodan, Hoover, Crownhate Ruin, Fugazi, The Shipping News, Shellac, Q and not U, The Mercury Program, among others in the Louisville, Chicago, DC style.

THE GILROYS - For Fans of: Jeff Buckley, Sea and Cake, Archer Prewitt, Rex, Dave Matthews Band, Pilot Round the Sun, Wise and Foolish Builders

NORTH - For Fans of: Lungfish, Tortoise, Pullman

RIGID - For Fans of: Thursday, Elliott, Quicksand, Get Up Kids, Promise Ring, Texas is the Reason

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