Join MindWalk in celebrating the 8th Anniversary of Drill For Absentee's Circle Music CDep.

MW04 drill for absentee circle music cdep

circle [track 1]

albatross [track 2]

naked singularity [track 3]

ars poetica scribbled on a parking ticket [track 4]

process music for numbers ascending from five [track 5]



michael nace [guitar, vocals]

kevin kelly [bass, vocals]

bryan sargent [drums]

special appearance by vin novara [vibraphone & percussion on tracks three and four]

tracks one through four recorded at wgns studios in washington d.c. by geoff turner

[track three on january 23rd 1998. tracks one, two and four on july 17th and 18th 1998]

track five recorded at 9 north church by matt magarahan on october 3rd 1998

cd pressed by furnace mfg [arlington virginia]

jacket made by thingmakers [seattle washington]

the circle image was hand designed by michael nace. it is based on a circle clef created and used by classical composer george crumb. michael used pencil to add the notation to the clef. what you see is the music for a piece he had written intended for 45 guitars.

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