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  drill for absentee [click here for visual aids]


a trio

from the

suburbs of

Philadelphia, PA.

They have been playing

music since the late summer

of 1995. Their first show was in a

basement with a group of some of the

most passionate music listeners that this culture

has seen since the dusk of jazz and classical music. Their

first project as a band was to work exclusively with dissonance and

shifty, pulseless rhythm. Michael Nace (guitar, vocals) is majoring in English

Literature and is soon to enter graduate school. Kevin Kelly (bass,

vocals) is a music composition major, and also intends to

continue his education. Bryan Sargent (drums) has

recently graduated from college with a

degree in marketing and operations management.

Their practice room is dim,

yet warmly-lit, and is

completed by the

presence of a