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drill for absentee





 I met Mike at an Unwound show at the Khyber sometime in '96. He was handing out flyers for a show that his band, the drill for absentee, were playing, along with the smash everyone jazz ensemble and the make-up. The show was scheduled for the following week at the space above the Khbyer. I had recently purchased a camcorder and asked Mike if I could come and tape thier show. He agreed and I showed up, tripod and all, thinking I was a filmaker. I documented their entire performance that evening. In the following weeks I dubbed a copy of the tape and sent it to Mike. I later ran into Sarge and him at a Warmers show and a Jawbox show. On several occasions I spoke of my desire to book shows and someday start a label. I lost contact with DFA until march of '97 when I got a call out of the blue from Mike. He asked if I still wanted to start a label, I replied yes and we began to make plans to release this record. After 2months of planning, one UPS strike, and a lot of improvisation, MW01, the Drill For Absentee s/t 7" was released. The simplistic layout was "designed" by myself on my computer at work. The packaging was furnished by FireProof Press in Chicago, IL.

MindWalk was created because of and for Drill For Absentee and would most likely would never have exsisted without them. Thanks.


1000 copies of this record were pressed. 750 were traditional black vinyl and 250 were clear vinyl. As of the early 2005, only a handful of the clear remain and about 15 of the black. This was the best selling record in the short history of this label. These are two lovely songs that still sound new and fresh even though they were written and recorded some 8-9 years ago.

-Sample a Track-

This Process will make Chicago wave its little hand